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6-20 Schanzenstraße
Köln, NRW, 51063



...Forging a Legend

Formula 1™ racing meets BBQ innovation – and a passion for culinary excellence gets a new name: Brennwagen. Brennwagen lives up to exacting standards and the highest expectations for mobile outdoor catering. In design. In technology. In sheer power. Enough to fire up the real passion of any BBQ connoisseur.

Florian Wagner – Chief Engineer at Brennwagen
An idea born on the race track. Where Formula 1™ engineer Florian Wagner lived his professional passion for motorsports. A passion for barbecues took him from petrol fumes to smoking charcoal. To Brennwagen. The end result: Record performance. In every BBQ challenge. The Brennwagen GT series gets BBQ fans and design aficionados fired up. Every time.